Frustratedwith paperwork?
Donnotechas the solutionfor you ...
Manage yourBUSINESSsmarter,better,faster.
Spend less timeon paperworkand more timemaking money
Manageyour business...AnywhereAnytime.

Welcome to Donnotecbusiness managementsolution.

Who we are

We are a small start-up company with the hope to be an asset to our clients.

Donnotec formed in the late months of 2016 with a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

With a few years of research and development, we have formulated a "KISS" (Keeping It Simple Stupid) system.

What we do

Our goal is to formulate a system for small business owners to manage their business SMARTER, BETTER, FASTER.

Our system is designed for a variety of business owners from the newly sole proprietor start-up business ,the experienced entrepreneur or newly formed corporation.

We are committed to keeping the system as simplistic and user friendly as possible.


Meet The Team

Donovan Renato Fourie

Donovan is the lead web application programmer and systems administrator. He has a wide range of programing skills with a knowledge of 14 computer languages

Natasha Du Plessis

Natasha is the lead designer and systems analyst. She has excellent business administration and management skills.