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Frustratedwith paperwork?
Donnotechas the solutionfor you ...
Manage yourBUSINESSsmarter,better,faster.
Spend less timeon paperworkand more timemaking money
Manageyour business...AnywhereAnytime.

What is Donnotec?

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Donnotec is a business management program for your business.

Easily create documents like quotes and estimates.

It allows you to manage your suppliers and clients easily.

It will automatically track all actions and allocate information to different areas ex. When creating invoices, the costing, vat etc. will be adjusted on the accounting side of your business.

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All information is easy to access !

Order, view and display information according to your needs.

All information is searchable and a one click icon system allows for faster action.

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Adding information simplified !

All forms are designed as simplistic and informative to add information more efficiently.

Our validation system allows for correctly information allocation.

Add complex documents in a few seconds.

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Our document template system has the edge for creating documents !

With a fully customizable document layout editor allows you to set up all generated documents. Ex. When creating a quote only add relevant information and the document is generated without the need for duplication work.

Add images, paper sizes, orientation, header, footers and more.

All relevant information accessible for your document templates.

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Customize to your specifications !

Your company or biller can be customized to your needs and set up the flow of your business.

Set up currency format, time zone, vat, ownership, account names in a few clicks.

Add multiple companies and billers and fully control each employee.

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Why choose us ?

We will assist you in starting a business.

We take the paperwork and frustration out of running a business, so you can focus on your goals and financial freedom.

We have designed our system in such a way that the first time business owner can start right away without a full understanding of the accounting side.

  • Add clients and suppliers
  • Create invoices and add expenses

Everything else is automatically allocated so you can figure the rest out later.

Long standing business owners will find that our system efficiently manages your business, employees and accounting so you spend less time on the formalities and more time on your business success.

For a more detailed description please visit the overview page.

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