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The formulation of an online business management system was an idea in the mid 2005 and with the lack of technological advancement in standards the first prototype was designed in the late 2009.

Since then a second and third version has been developed and has been in service for almost a decade.

The time has come to develop a commercialized version of this powerful on-line business management solution with accounting software build in, so that all small to medium size business can share in our success across the years.

With a few years of research and development, we bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience to help our clients.

What we can offer our clients

From startup to long standing business that is looking to be more efficient.

We offer a complete business management system to create quotes, estimates, job cards and invoices to supplier orders and tracking of items, inventory or more advance Bill of quantities.

All transactions are recorded in a double entry accounting system and minimum work is needed to generate accounting reports like financial, cash , income statements or custom generated reports.

We also include stationary , custom document layouts , employee management , domain, email , web hosting and more to help your business to reach the next level in operations.

Overview of our system

A full set of financial statements is generated after each accounting period.

Every account is fully manageable.

Cash/Bank Accounts

Add multiple bank and cash accounts with the ability to import statement.


Fully Customized business settings to meet your business needs.

Document Editor

Design stunning document layouts with the ability to add images.


Add user/staff members with the ability to have full permission or authorization control.

Report Generator

Generate unique reports with custom variables and specifications.


Add and mange your clients. View client history and generate statements on the fly.

Clients Requests

Create estimates or quotes with ease with a fully linked system to your clients and inventory system.

Clients Job cards

Convert quotes to job cards with click of a button.

Client Invoices

The formulated accounting system will automatically create the necessary transactions when creating invoices.


Add and categorize suppliers and track of all transactions.

Suppliers Orders

Quickly and easily create supplier orders.

Suppliers Invoice

Add supplier invoices and allocate expenses directly to your accounting system.


Add and categorize inventory or stock items and keep track where your items are located.
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